Welcome to Homemade Dog Food. I started this site because as a dog owner myself I was unable to find good quality homemade dog food recipes on the internet. My two dogs Jake and Harley love to eat (as almost every dog does) and I simply can’t afford to spend the money on expensive dog food and dog treats. That’s when I decided to look into making my own dog food and treats and it was a great idea! You should give your dog homemade food.

By making my own homemade dog food and treats. I not only save a lot of money, but also give both my dogs quality dog food which is not only good for them, but is also something they love. Ever since I found a few great e-books on the internet about making your own dog food I’ve been making it for my dogs and they absolutely go crazy for it.

Before you start a diet new diet for your dog, be sure to check with a vet. It is important to always get all the information before you start something that can effect the heath an well being of your dog.

I’ve collected a number of homemade dog food recipes and posted them here on my website for you to enjoy. However, I would definitely recommend checking out some of the great e-books that the internet has to offer on making homemade dog food. Your wallet and your dogs will thank you!

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