Proper grooming is one of the important parts in taking care of pet. Scratching, shaking and licking are some ways by which dogs maintain their body clean and free from fleas and lice. Dogs make their own way to groom themselves, but still it is not enough. Pets need a hand that will care for them especially from the owners. Taking time to clean up your pet especially dogs will strengthen the connection between you and your pet. In addition your pets would not do such messy things.

Grooming and brushing of dog’s hair will take away unchained and tangled hair and it would keep your dog free from skin diseases. Dogs that have long hair needs to be cleaned daily while dogs with short hair can leave with daily grooming. If the dog has a very thick or heavy coating, make use of soft, fine and wide-toothed comb.

Ears on the other hand, need not to be groomed daily but it should be observed at least twice daily. Check your dog’s ear by looking in the inner part. If you seem ear mites threat it immediately. These ear mites might be susceptible to many medications and it is infectious and can cause harsh infection in your dog’s ears.

Gums and teeth are common problem in dogs. Approximately 80% of dogs that are over the age of 3 suffer from periodontal disease which is essentially a serious weakening of gums. To avoid expensive veterinary treatments, keep your dog’s teeth in shape by brushing it daily. It is okay to use a child’s toothbrush or a finger toothbrush that’s for a dog’s teeth. Just be sure to use only dog’s toothpaste because it can be toxic to your dog. Proper and regular oral care can extend the life of your dog by 2 to 3 years.

Dogs that have an overgrown nails tends to develop some physical problems. It is vital to that you monitor regularly the nails. Dog’s nails must not grow too long. Dogs would have problem as they shift their weight when they walk. Remove only the end part of your dog’s nails. If you accidentally trimmed too far and start to bleed, apply pressure to the point of the nail.

To be able to do the proper grooming of dogs, there are some schools that offer a dog grooming.

The School of Dog Grooming in Baltimore is one of the schools that offer dog grooming. It has put up its name by teaching determined learners who has common dedication to quality that has manifested its consummate history. The School of Dog Grooming staff and administration have the commitment, expertise, ability and equipments to supply every device to meet your achievements.

Its founder has an extensive 25 years all breed AKC handler experience and 15 years as Instructor and Director of Dog Obedience for the Maryland Humane Societies. He has been the Director of the School of Dog Grooming in Baltimore for 22 years and the owner of the Dog House Inc., a chain of grooming salons for almost 32 years.

The graduates of The School of Dog Grooming in Baltimore will confirm that they were provided by the said school their medium for success in service. They were carefully guided and handled by the firm as they acknowledge the test of scrupulous and systematic set of courses. The values and disciplines of students were coordinated by their dedication to meet the success.

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